Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reactions to the new translation

Found this article from the Sacramento Bee with quotes from some people from my parish:

"the first time the Rev. Innocent Subiza read the new text, he thought it was perfect."


"This is silly. We are supposed to be in our own vernacular, this is not our vernacular," said Christine Shackel, who serves on the liturgy committee at the Newman Catholic Community in Davis.

Vernacular does not mean slang, silly. I wonder if the "liturgy committee" was more of a "liturgy bashing committee"...

"Alysha McCarry, 20, a student at the University of California, Davis, said she was excited when she first heard about the changes but admits it's going to take getting used to. "


"When Vatican II was introduced, said Deacon Clark Goecker, the changes were announced in a single paragraph. He said parishioners now are better prepared."

Kudos Deacon for not being a bitter old woman!

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